2022 and beyond : can we choose our reality ? War as collective karma.Few optimistic prophecies .

So i was wrong in my prediction that Russia will not attack, only showing muscles on the border. It looked like last Dec when i was writing an article for my fanpage. Probability for war was very little, i was trying to be optimistic which was naive !

Now two weeks of war between Russia and Ukraine, and around 1.5 mln refugees in Poland…

Mars, planet of war fire and conflict, is in Capricorn sign ,which is called “exaltation” in Jyotisha /Vedic/Eastern (Sidereal ) astrology, so conditions for war very obvious. Will stay there till 8th of April. All planets between Rahu and Ketu till around 22nd of May, forming negative pattern called Kalasarpa Yoga.

What is is kinda “optimistic” is that war started on Thursday : day of Jupiter, very auspicious planet. Jupiter is all things diplomacy, spirituality, optimism, development, naivety as well : but not a good “Ascendent” to start an attack against foreign country ! Mars day or Saturday will be much better for this.

So conclusion is that this conflict will not be victorious for Russsia, and hopefully not take very long, say up to May ? ( Also pls bear in mind and Ukraine is not such a victim as portrayed in Western media : West used this country to provoke Russia, for purpose ??? On the expense of suffering of Ukrainian civilians…Russian media now claiming that had intercepted documents and planned Ukrainian attack Donbas in March, which is quite believable : Ukraine felt stronger after being supplied with Western military equipment ).

Then things will get better i mean on global scale. Till end of summer ?

N W O agenda wants that this RU/UA conflict will spill to Western Europe as well.;; We already saw many images from Ukraine’s war which are not relevant : were taken there but in 2014, for example ! Disinfo , quite a lot , also on Russia side. And war creates revenge, suffering, bloodlust, war is addictive… and destroys the psyche of those who participate. There is saying ” First victim of war is the truth”.

Quite a lot of chaos in world situation this year…month of April is very important.

More and more people will soon become aware of the scale of lie which we were fed from march 2020, and we’re really fed up… !

More protests, not only truckers convoy in Canada – genuine people, authentic protest but the ones who are behind gave me the feeling that this is massive psy op, sadly, yes ! No doubt people happy again, crowd is dancing but the whole protest of desperate citizens was orchestrated to create chaos, draconian law, and divide societies even more…? Also check out Mr Makow Website, canadian writer.

Of course lifting up the restrictions is temporary relief only, and maybe this will be used a g a i n s t ppl in near future, for a new lockdown : but hopefully system will not dare the same scenario in every country. Some say new restrictions will be horribly severe, because new horrible “disease” will appear ( F a k e. End of summer ? ) but hey system isn’t omnipotent and this not necessarily must manifest…anyway restrictions were lifted, with demonic logic, to allow open borders and massive flow of migrants from UA ?

On the brighter side : there is very strong POSITIVE energy coming from the Sun, first ray or „dose” will arrive early March, many more people will be waking up, and more division between both groups : those who are „elixir” fans controlled by main media, and the ones who got the brains and courage to refuse and resist low vibrational fear propaganda ! ( Like in old Sepultura song ). Imagine what can happen in coming years when many covidians will realise that they were terribly cheated, poisoned by “elixir” shots : esp in countries where guns are available to the public, like USA…

2022 Could be very interesting year ahead… challenges again, strange things, and very likely finally around spring 2023 there can be a real breakthrough. On energetic and consciousness level. End of plandemic….?

These days our reality is close to kitsch so often, like the new Matrix movie : old tricks of system , repeating from the past, but maybe this means that system/matrix running out of ideas haha ?

Many negative prophecies and false as well – circulating around for 2022, but luckily also some positive ones : pls have a look at this one coming from India, land of Dharma , and teenage boy Vaishnava and Vedic astrologer called Abhigya Anand got something to say so … is He right or things will be delayed ?

„The young clairvoyant said that in the coming year, our life will finally return to its former course. However, the changes will take place gradually.” :


Have a much better, healthier, happier and more conscious Year 2022,

all of you !

Update on 10th March 2022, Ray Este

Short update on November’s New Moon day…

Good evening everybody,

this month will bring an eclipse, also before end of this year Mars enters watery ( and emotional as well) sign of Scorpio :

so world situation could look like not far from war…but of course NO world war. ( Most likely local conflicts will grow, which is bad enough ).

Once again, let us remember that at least 50% of stuff which is “happening” ( Mass media info, in France called “merdia” 😉 ) is virtual…fear propaganda !

Mars in this sign will give more determination for action, as in an individual chart. Planet of energy and war feels good in Scorpio sign : we say in Jyotisha (Vedic ) astrology that Mars is there in its own sign…

Possibility of b i g , massive disclosure during last months of this year, say…PfizerGate ?!? More and more people becoming aware of a scale of lie and cover up, this means consciousness ( slowly, so far ) rising on a global scale : big chance for it, and this proces is, luckily, irreversible !

System is panicking already : but don’t expect massive awakening yet…

I will say Mars will give more volcanic activity on Earth , hopefully not tsunami…and fiery global tension. Political turmoil ! Ukraine, Middle east, Taiwan probably. But it doesn’t mean massive nuclear war etc. ( So please do not worry about another endless speculations concerning current global situation that “Nostradamus predicted it “: No… He doesn’t !)

And talibans will not stay for long time in Afghanistan, they were given rule over this country for short time….

In Poland artificial migrant crisis on Eastern border might be stopped by winter freeze, then re-emerge around March… These suffering people are treated like hot potato by guards on both sides on the Polish eastern frontier. Finally situation could be solved by diplomatic efforts, but in my analysis it will not be very wise one… ( Also possibility of scandal which will shake Polish govt, through new leaks ? )

Anyway, this orchestrated chaos is very likely a tool in hidden hand to finally bring foreign army on EU’s eastern border ? Typical pattern of problem-reaction-solution… but hopefully this is just worst scenario.

Will write more ad the end of this year, keep faith and optimism and don’t feed these massive negative thought patterns ! Choose your thoughts, be grateful, rise your vibe, greetings from Polska and be well.


So welcome to 2021 and Acquarius age is still far away…

We all know it’s getting more tough : so even more than in last year, i strongly recommend you staying p o s i t i v e despite the you know what, avoiding as much as possible official propaganda. It’s very challenging, sure, but have fun as well !

Even in time of war, Resistance members were having fun, dancing, romancing etc , disconnecting from grim reality, because you must do it if you wanna stay sane, right ? And there will be more of negative propaganda, up to point the most of the population will be scared as…

So, as always, choose : which group your gonna join ?

The opressed and drowning in fear, desperacy , sorrow or the victorious ones ?

Yes, you can choose…of course it is not guaranteed you will be 100% in crap or completely self realised and shining, but try on the positive side, again and again, day after day. For God’s sake, we are not alone here on Earth, so if we rise our vibration we are starting to experience loads of positive synchronicities and ‘coincidences’ in our very lives…

Don’t let yourself be submerged by this psy op dark cloud of negativity, mass media manipulation :

yes this are the times when the LIE looks like the truth ( But only looks, because these beings are masters of cheating, and creating – very believable -false impression ).

Do NOT identifie your self with the ‘official fear’, think for yourself…and dare to say NO when you need to. !

There will be more victims of the difficult period, real victims… and also many natural disasters this year on our planet, say eartquakes, floods… so possibly many souls will leave the place in 2021/22, very likely scenario. (And something big in Middle East soon may happen, war conflict growing. Add also significant shrinking of European Union, starting from…Italy ? ).

But also many good souls are waiting to be born.

And again, have faith…situation is very serious, in a way that there will be little chance or no chance of return ‘back to normal times before the virus’.

Serious also because the war on perception is becoming more…acute, direct, i will say. Most of population is falling, obviously, for it. And, most likely, the virus scare is smoke and mirrors for smthing worse behind the scenes…

But in the end, system is a paper monster ! Don’t feed it with your action, thoughts, try to live as if n o t h i n g strange is happening : there are people who are rising their consciousness above this ‘sea of manipulation’. They can see clearly, yes, i’ve met them in person.

And what is good in this period is that you can quite easily tell on which side somebody is …( Of course, most people prefer to be just numb, ready to sell their freedoms, and take more ‘tranqulisers” like boozing or watching more tv etc but they will only get more anxious and more this herd mentality will develop . But also more and more will wake up…).

There is even a former French govt member, formerly in charge for environment , who said that Earth will take revenge on humanity… So called humanity, i will say. He is very concerned with the perspective of civilisation collapse ( In French the word is l’effondrement, and this is almost like a movement ), moved to the countryside and tries living independently from the system. Cannot say if he is genuine, but could be. Not everybody can do it, of course. But do what you can, contact likeminded people, and investing in gold and land is always the best and most intelligent solution.

Yes, this are the times for the courageous and intelligent ! Rise and shine 😉

Sounds great, isn’t it ? Happier TWENTY TWENTY ONE for all of you.

And the desired Age of Acquarius ? According to sidereal/Jyotisha astrology – based on movable Zodiac, mind you- we are, sorry, still around 428 yrs to this Era ! ( Doesn’t matter what some ‘esoteric’ people are claiming ). Sure i was disapointed as well upon hearing this one, haha, but these times will be amazing anyway even without the Acquarius in sight…but with the help of divine energies we will make it.

And they, hopefully, NO. Because enough is enough, no more lies and the karmic tide is high…

18th of Jan, 2021

1st of February

Why there is still not yet Acquarius Age ? Below the explanation from my esoteric teacher ( Ayanamsa is the difference between fixed and movable Zodiac, precession of the equinoxes involved ) :

“Today the so called ayanamsha is 24 degrees. This means that at the beginning of spring the Sun is at 6 degrees Pisces of the sidereal zodiac.

It takes 72 years for the vernal equinox point to move one degree and it moves retrograde. This means it takes 6 * 72 = 432 years for this point to enter the sidereal sign Aquarius, which is when the age of Aquarius begins.
When the age of Aquarius starts the ayanamsha should be 30 degrees instead of 24. This will only happen after 432 years.”

Apart from it, from here and now :

new American president will rule for a short time, around two yrs maximum. Anyway he is not gonna live more than 3 or four years, more likely. Very corrupted already. Even more zealous supporter of this small country on west mediterranean shore…Old and new both in pockets of deep state that deep that we cannot imagine haha. So NO change really, just change of masks, obvious…

Around march this year : new serious lockdowns possible in most of European states, also new wave of demonstrations against…but the risks are worth the game for “elites”. And attack on Iran ?

Anyway, be positive in your thoughts and actions ! And try to elevate your consciousness ABOVE the level of this main media mass hypnosis and false medical propaganda.

To be continued

2020 : global chaos or awakening…?

Hello everybody,

challenging times, no doubt. Majority of population will be scared almost to death ( Or wait, already is ?!? ) , and only small group will make it, grow, flourish, expansion, go with the flow, staying happy, optimistic, positive . As always been the case ?

Nobody said it is gonna be easy.  Staying negative is very simple, sadly. This is what “elites” want for us :

dive into (Deep ) insecurity, feel growing anxiety, trust the main media and govts, expect the worst, shortly speaking :

more ‘fear porn’…to control more, to divide and rule, as usual !

So the challenge is now our internal struggle,  shaking the fear, doubts, staying cautious, safe, but positive and relaxed…

We’re having another false flag event from march, medical false flag i call it. Many already spoke and wrote about it.  COVID19 isn’t what majority think it is and also what the extreme side says about it :

there are real deaths,  yes suffering and deaths exists ( 2% mortality… ? )  but hey, for example in France at least 5 k people dies every year from flu…ando WHO cares, for sure WHO doesn’t 😉 Isn’t it a drama as well ? The point is, govt is using against us propaganda of anxiety, this time on a massive scale also – important factor – to distract us  (Attention distraction, psy op…)and allows chaos in some cases ( Current state of affairs in the USA…? ) to bring society to the point when situation becomes sooo unbearable that ppl will say : we cannot stand it ,and then pls do s o m e t h i n g  , and then, helloooo anybody home, yes so simple answer :

Problem Reaction Solution…and could  it be :

massive – and obligatory – vaccine ? One world Govt ?

The good thing is they will not suceed – system just creates powerful illusion, but only illusion, repeating old patterns and chewed lies. So it is up to you and people around how much you stay positive, upgrade your consciousness, grow and came out succesful from this dark pit which was prepared for us. OMMMMM    🙂

In Western Europe, especially France, England  situation  can be worse than eastern part of the continent, these two countries will see more civil rights limited or taken away, and  riots , social unrest etc. Eastern Europe will go through this as well, but more soft pattern in comparison )

South of France, Mediterranean Sea, winter 2020

Of course that massive epidemic is karma of the nations, but the epidemic is relatively small ( Too small to be called pandemic ) and many doctors, here and there, doubt it openly.  On the other side, don’t expect major “enlightment ” in societies soon :

no, majority will stay in their coma, programmed state , controlled thoughts and behaviours, helplessly scared by Orwellian-like tv screens and main media.

But i am not talking to them, i  am talking to YOU   🙂

You are more aware, you me us we can grow, we will make it ! Of course it is N O T gonna be easy, more challenges on the way, more disinfo, half truths, dirty politics, natural catastrophes on Earth can follow (Elements rebelling against this inhuman civilisation ) etc : but remember that we are here to WIN  🙂

Even if something b i g g er than this current epidemic will happen in the future, keep going through this “smoke”  ! We are beings of LIGHT.  Darkness is only lack of light : anyway, i know, many love this darkness…so ket them be devoured by it.

Societies lacking spirituality will ultimately drown into chaos, hopelesness, despair, more mental diseases, more suicides but as  humanity we are being watch from above by the Family of Light ( Sound maybe trivially, yes but let us not forget that family of darkness only LOOKS that strong and powerful : they are not haha ! .Situation on Earth is chaotical, maybe will get more but, let me assure you, is under control. )

Warsaw manifestation, may 2020, Poland -Polska -Pologne.

So let us grow… with our partner in life, family, friends, strangers on the street, during daily situations, demonstrations, being alone in the nature or in the crowd, listening to the voice of our Higher Self, Universe, Guardian angels, God almighty : you name it.

And seek advice in your life, ask for it, pray for it, listen , keep the faith ! And  be open for good advice, remember that consciousness is the basis of E V E R Y T H I N G, also be grateful.  Move, exercise, dance, keep fit physically, be active !

Greetings from Warsaw where i am currently staying.

Ray Este


What can happen in 2019…? Prophecies, predictions, analysis

Bonjour tout le monde, hallo everybody !

Today we are on 21st of January. In general, many predictions for this year 2019 are, of course, already available, but most of them speak about negativity, bad fate, heavy karma, something bigger which is coming for humanity, something that will “make people really feel fear…”

Maybe. True about chaotic energy on the Earth now, plus low vibration and bad karma of most of humanity. Also true that there is way too much of “fear porn” in these predictions. For some reason, very bad scenarios are being…delayed ?

And why, despite quite few terrible prophecies in countries here and there, still there is no third war or global catastrophe ? Sadly, looks like many people are almost waiting for such a prophecies to be fulfilled, this became their obssesion, addiction almost…so many prophecies warning us, most of them very naive and doubtful anyway, but so many believe : because they want to believe in something. And they like to feel scared in their comfort zone, in front of tv/laptop/ book, you name it…

So many articles warning about third war, so much unnecessary spreading of fear. But luckily, year after year, we are still alive…so what is going on, these prophecies are false or what ?!? It is good to understand that for anything to manifest, karma must be mature, ripe, fructify…without this, situation may be very close to world conflict, but nothing will happen. So, simply, it is delayed so far.

But it’s not gonna be, like in Manic Street Preachers title, “Forever delayed”. No…Although i am not for the third world war option, still we can get  v e r y close to it in next few years, hopefully not months. Even that it will look like it’s – almost – started ( i mean nuclear blasts ). There will be something bigger arriving , however, than human ( human ? ) craziness, like massive natural catastrophe, and all elements of Nature will be furious and rioting against humanity…

I will say that elements of water and fire will be operating on massive scale this year 2019 on our planet. ( Floods can happen…but positive things with water subject as well, and water in esoteric meaning is combined with emotions ). Despite this, big positive changes on this planet are coming…

Beautiful and sunny Southern France…  © M.B.

Let us remember :

last summer Mars was very close to Earth…later we got more of things which are of  this energy, like big fires, anger, rage, general excitation, continuation of small local wars, terrorist attacks, explosions, and, finally, rebellion of Les Gilets Jaunes ( “Yellow Vests” ) in France. And this revolt will continue, grow, expand, also there will be, sadly,  few new terrorist attacks in Europe : including France… and usa. ( Most of them are false flag, yes, but in most of them real people are killed so both sides of propaganda are, as always, rarely true : official, and “disinfo” on the other. ) Still efects of Mars influence are here. Difficult period for humanity anyway…

In the Vedic scriptures ( Oldest on earth, and Veda means knowledge, in sanskrit  )  our times are described as Iron Age : age of quarrel and hipocrisy. But there is always hope because we can elevate our consciousness, personally, individually, then collectivelly. And, little be little, this is coming…

Coming back to France ( before i analyse french president horoscope i will do some description of, rather obvious, topic why France is where it is now ) : biggest country of Western Europe but also the one of most occult infested  in our continent. Current ‘Battle for France‘ has got its very hidden meaning as well, which isn’t something difficult to find…( personally, i have not doubt that ‘Yellow revolt’ is genuine but it was infiltrated from the beginning, anyway ) and still it can develop, in a positive way, as social disobedience, and avoiding transformating into political party, in this society which is very strange mixture of capitalistic enjoyment and strong fascination for almost socialist state and crazy, yes crazy affection to communism “ideals” and sick russian ‘revolution’ from more than 100 yrs ago ( Of course few others mediterrean european countries share this unhealthy obssesion as well, say Italy and Spain ).

In France, now there is some panic in the high circles of power, but looks like the “elites” are as disconnected, blind, or worse, like it was in 1789 : history likes to repeat itself, yes we all know it, but in case of  La douce France ( sweet France) this is more prevailing and, in fact, France can become a – very negative – model for the rest of Europe of how society falls…but was it already planned years ago ?

Yelow Vests demonstration in southern France…June 2019. © M.Bielawski

Demons from the colonial past, divided society with conflicts sometimes expressed – by far right, but not only – as lack of possibility of living together ( read : ethnic French and north african migration, which started in the 50’s ) so neglected France from suburbs and also small towns, villages, occult imagery in public places (Louvre pyramid,  and lovely Eiffel Tower is another of them…designed by member of secret society and purposedly generating low, materialistic vibration for the French territory), most generous social system in Western Europe, around 40% of  economy regulated by the govt (  So simply many of french big entreprises will be of no competition in the european mearket, and they are artificially kept alive to guarantee employment etc ) France as “queen of taxes” which are absolutely necessary to feed this social system but also the beaurocracy, ultra left with strong desire to romance with “theoretical communism” and extreme right which almost touches fascism. France now knows little spirituality, big consumerism, society of spectacle : and continuation of this spectacle were last elections. Of course, this model will be repeated again next time, and this next time France will see, most likely, in next few months… The same pattern : Vote for our candidate, because if NOT, this far right woman will win and then…

Gilets Jaunes, Yellow Vests. France.  © M.Bielawski

From the point of view based on Jyotisha, Vedic astrology : Current French president* has got planet Mars in weakest position in His chart, what, putting it simple, will make him weak at decision making process, he must be pushed to do something and, in general, for man having weak planet Mars is very negative ( Actually looks like that – from the first moments when it became obvious that he will be elected – he got no clue for what he is being prepared for…). He’s got strong mind, but not strong Jupiter.

There can be next big scandal in French politic soon – involving small country close to France and some big bank – and this can add to fall of current Monsieur le Président (also some new law can make French women manifest very fiery on the streets soon.) This scandal will put most of the French off politics…

Emmanuel Macron now has got current planetary period of planet Rahu ( which is very powerful materialistic energy, described like ‘explosion of bomb’, and strong manipulation as well ) and obviously influence of this planet gave him presidency and…will take it back ! ( Other description of Rahu is literally ” can give a kingdom and take it back” ). Rahu is strong but there is practically no wisdom involved…So when this man will left his post ? Will he last till, say, April this year ? Most likely only that long.

During the manifestation of Yellow Vests ( Gilets Jaunes ), summer 2019, France. © M.Bielawski

I am with the French  people but this country saw, at least twice, revolution only for revolution’s sake : and, sadly, but who is not aware that revolution eats its children after and this happens many times… revolution can be used as well as purification of the nation, but i will say as horrible blood sacrifice, as ritual : and, so far it doesn’t look like that French govt will give way, listen to people etc, it only offers some temporary solutions which looks more like painkillers or attention diversion. Gilets Jaunes ( Yellow Vests ) are anyway active every Saturday in many places here in France.

What could follow is – hopefully not, but very likely – more protests , mass manifestations during which s o m e t h i n g terrible will happen ( another death of protestant, of policeman, or terrorist attack : anyway much bigger attack can happen this  year in France ) and then France will crack, break, explode and…sadly, but obvious that revolution a l w a y s  feeds on victims and blood. Already some claim that point of no return was achieved during these two months of manifestations, too much suffering, wounds, and one dead.

So : more political theatre can follow : amid chaos, unexpectedly ( oh really ? ) army taking control,  imagine french general surprisingly appears on public tv and saving the nation...maybe saving, or maybe more spectacle. All of this is karma of the country. However after this very hot period – up to 2020, at least – France will reborn. And Pyrennes beautiful mountainous region can be part of this positive process.

France is waking up ? © M.Bielawski

What else threatens the world in 2019 :

Add possibility of massive, gigantic stock market collapse ( NY stock market ? ), riots in few western european countries, growing migrant crisis, more radicalisation, Brexit shock and chaos in UK this spring ( For me, almost from the beginning, ‘Brexit fear’ was, in cold blood, injected to society to prepare for the second referendum and…got the result govt wants, halooo anybody home haha ? ) : but pls bear in mind that in both countries, i mean France and England, destabilisation scenarios are being tested NOW. ( Economic chaos : UK ; possibility of civil war : France )

But to stay on the brighter side : eventually system will fall like a house of cards ( but when, why sooo long ??? ) , and for many, not only those on the bad side, this will be like the end of the world : but it must be that way. So the old must crash completely to make place for the new and fresh. People will feel big relief, again…

And technology will, most likely, disappoint in a terrible way one day, this will happen very quickly, so to speak… Not this year, not yet, but something really big is on the horizon…still , as humanity, we are and were never alone , i mean Beings of Light – Devas, demigods in sanskrit – are watching this earthly mess, and ultimately the Supreme Being is there above. Challenge is on the way…for the whole humanity but we will emerge succesfully.  If common sense and spirituality will be added to the process, because ultimately the current political system will completely fail and fall , because as Sting used to sing ”  There is no political solution”… ( The Police ” Spirits in the material world” A&M Records ).

Anti-specism, animal rights, vegan manifestation in France. Summer 2019

2019 will give us also loads of positivity, hope, joy plus fullfilment and i wish the best for you who is reading it and your family 🙂 . ( Buy gold bars if you can, seriously, and land in the countryside : these may come very useful in coming years…)  Thanks for reading, keep faith,  and greetings on the full moon day of 21st January.

À la prochaine…;-)






* based on following data : born 21 Dec 1977, 10h40 am, Amiens, France


Nostradamus wasn’t a prophet, a seer, neither doctor ? Debunking fake prophecies…

Get ready to doubt everything you think is real about this French apothecary…. Even most of “well known” facts from His life were not true, surprised you are ? And of course for most of His dumb fans this will be unnaceptable, unjust, a lie : but the great majority of  people accept the half truths or fake news without a second thought anyway, isn’t it ?

Went to Nostradamus museum here in France, two years ago. Salon de Provence.

Prophet of Provence debunked…

Nostradamus, contrary to many claims, never predicted Napoleon , First , Second nor Hitler, 9/11, Third World war…and His questionable Centuries were used to plant fear into the general population, were a tool for manipulation of the masses. And if you believed in His conceptions, or called them “infallible prophecies”, this was for one reason only : because you were programmed to do so…And you never dare to doubt.

Late Peter Lemesurier, british linguist and writer, was a believer in Michel de Nostradame teachings for quite some time. Then he changed his mind… And if you start to read His briliant book ” Nostradamus The man the myth the truth”  you will understand how this snowball of “amazing” prophecies was build, distributed and copied thoughtlessly for few centuries.  And mostly by writers and “researchers”, who never read the original text in Old French. Who didn’t care, didn’t know much either… blind followers who just speculate like the ones before them, and published hundreds of books, repeating unverifiable ( But shocking, of course ) fiction and nonsense speculations about our future  which should “prove” that Nostradamus was sooo right.

Lemesuries mercilessly, scientifically, step by step debunks Nostradamus ” findings”, “accurate prophecies” and the whole hoax , using knowledge and logic …and thank to His research, we’re not gonna be fooled anymore ! His YT channel seems to, sadly,  disappear…but still there is this  message from Mr Sandy Andrew :


But how on Earth was  it possible ? Only few people dared to question the “authority” of Nostradamus so far…

To understand  the scale of deception, invented and false prophecies plus the foolishness of “Nostradamus industry”, we must go back to His times in medieval France…


Selling prophecies was common : but Michel de Nostredame was not respected by other astrologers or clairvoyants much – rather He was widely criticized – for lack of skills, speculations, for example by French doctor and astrologer Laurence Vidal.  Nostradamus also used to…copy informations from horoscopes done by others. Rather shamelesly. And He doesn’t even call Himself astrologer, but rather astrophile.

Of course some were trying to promote Him as well, pumping a bubble of His “infallible prophecies”, like personal assistant Chavigny or Michel’s son. But we cannot say that He was a charlatan either : He felt He’s got some mission for humanity and knew one thing for sure : history use to repeat itself, again and again…

Michel de Nostredame use old technique, called bibliomancy ! Randomly picking up a verse from Bible and…gave an explanation, a “visionary” meaning to it…this was quite popular during these times, practised widely not only upon Bible.

But what was real value of such “guessing” ?

And still, one can see nowadays so many videos claiming that “this what is happening now ” is exactly what was prophesied by a famous “sage”. Let us avoid this massive ‘fear porn’ ! For some reason, in our times ( Called Kali Yuga in holy vedic scriptures ) majority of population seeks mostly sensations, negative news, drama, suffering and chaos in mass media. Can you find some positive messages in all this cesspit of pop culture ? Hard, really it is, but not impossible…


About living on the surface…

Welcome. Plainly speaking, this is -sadly – what most of people do : living only on the surface. Of their lives, which means wasting or underestimating their potential, of reality as well : accepting the main media as truth, and the other and alternative  informations as conspiracy and bollocks.

Because we were conditioned : very deeply. To perceive the world on its surface. Only. For a purpose…

Like sheeples ( sheep people ). Beeee, beeeee : going out tonight ? Beeee, beeee : i’ve seen this thing on tv and i would love to live like “these people”.

Accepting religion which is so far from original Christ teaching like the medicine which ingredients were changed : but the name, label, stays the same so you can “trust”.

But they want YOU : not only as a consumer, most of these warnings about us being surveilled is for most of the people only about being targeted with commercials then. of course it is far worse, but – still – the most important is to be aware, to be grounded, centered, to be open for divine inspirations rather that just fearing the bad times, bad influences etc : life is eternal and could be much more happy for almost all of us !

What is the point of knowing more ? Well, the more you know ( and practise) the less you suffer, the more you respect the Earth and see the order in things. Life is very precious, despite the fact that most of population is wasting it on a daily basis,  and a sane person should dedicate at least a part of it for spiritual search…It pays off to live using these underneath resources. But is not cheap.

For now let me compare this research to one all of us reading my post know well : websearch. On the surface only…Which for example hackers call clearnet.

Like there is net we use almost every day, googling something, emails, watching movies,reading, listening to music : this is official level, more or less. But as we know there is a deeper stuff, hidden in the background, like Tor, and darker things like deep web, which is not accesible by the “surface searching”…You must have tools to access it.( With meditation and spiritual life is the same, but there are way less dangers in meditation, unless you do not jump – as beginner – straight away to chakra opening on your own, for example ).

This is world wide web underground, part of it is dark net and there are also bad, invisible people there, but when you have a look at your country, say below the official “politics” and “democrazy” there is a thing called deep state…which is like a shadow, always, in our world everythings got a shadow so why you think people who really do keep the strings would like you to know their faces ? They do NOT want nor need to be on the scene, they prefer background and shadows…

Main scene is for those politicians who want to shine, to be adored, worship almost like rock stars… to get idiotic fans and mindless followers on social media, to create ( mostly consciously ) this hive mind, which internet is becoming : not from yesterday.

Still, few people believes in this Orwell book… “because if THAT was truth, they will NOT allowed this truth to be spread“. Or “maybe it’s not THAT bad yet“…

David Icke  wrote “love your prison” and that while you’re reading or watching about “which celebrity is shagging the other” the New World Disorder is progressing – inch by inch… and there is a veil of ignorance, made in our times mostly by broadcasting and modern technology  : of course high tech is not bad, just depends for which reasons it is used, because it is just a tool… ( but wifi frequency contributes to distortion of brain waves, haven’t you heard yet ? )

So most of the population is just helplesly glued to their smartphones, and tv screens, unaware of reality and the deeper levels, staying in this almost hypnotised state for their whole lives, and then :

Surprise ! You’re dead…

They want us to think that life starts with birth and ends with death, so work your ass off most of the time and then enjoy to forget everything, and back to the cycle. Become like robot. Bio robot. No time for valuable thinking : WHO am I, and WHY do i suffer, is there a life after death ? Knowledge of reincarnation was supressed few ages after Christ left the Earth.

Evening on the Med sea shore… with a ball made of special black stone, which i clean sometimes in this way (It absorbs negative energy from surroundings )

But still, in few places the disciplic succesion from ancient, hidden esoteric and spiritual lineages was preserved in a pure way ( For example Shri Caitanya teachings in India, which are in our times the essential knowledge for the Hare Krishna movement, and also there is esoteric Christianity, there are spiritual people in sufi tradition etc ). I do not use word “occult” much, because for most of us it sounds negative, diabolic etc.

Do you remember this “battery” conversation from the Matrix movie ? Matrix wasn’t  “just a sci-fi movie” : there is a lot of valuable information there, many looks like taken almost straight from Buddhist or Vedic timeless teaching, like Srimad Bhagavatam for example. If you’re just starting your adventure with widening horizons in life, i strongly recommend this literature to read and reread again and again :

1″Life comes from Life” by Swami Prabhupada is a must-read if you do not take for face value what you were told in school, and what you hear from most of the scientist : that we are alone in the cold Universe brr ( We were never alone haha !), that we are a body which is just a lump of matter and this kinda materialistic crap.

2″Nexus – New Times magazine”, published in few European languages as well.

3 Austrian Rudolph Steiner, Scottish Ian Stevenson, and American Robert Monroe also contributed a lot to spreading the light of knowledge for humanity, to name a few which are genuine seekers.

So ancient saying : “Know yourself” is ever fresh and always in fashion…if you really know where to search for it.

If you’re curious enough to dive below ? Below the surface of official “normal ” unconscious life of programming, lies and half truths. And when you survive down there, and back to the “surface living” you NEVER gonna be the same again : but do not take my words for granted. Try for yourself, and have fun, but before learn how to dive…

Thanx for reading and see you soon ! If you like these subjects, pls tell your friends about my blog.

And next time i’ll write about debunking Nostradamus,  based on my research and understanding, also here in south France, and British prolific writer’s book about this French “prophet” , which shocked the blind public opinion few years ago and is most likely the first book to challenge the Michel de Nostredame “infallible prophecies”…


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  2. https://www.nexusmagazine.com/
  3. http://sacred-texts.com/eso/khw/index.htm

So you also desire to know yourself better…isn`t this the most noble thing in life ?

Searching for the knowledge about ourselves and Creator of this amazing Universe : self-realisation . Using powerful tools like : Jyotisha ( Vedic ) astrology based chart, Tarot de Marseille readings and coaching, psychotronic and Reiki healing, belief change, shamanic work, distant healing as well.

Few people are really interested in breaking free from karmic patterns and finding Enlightenment…yet . Most of us want only temporary relief, because changing something on a deep level is never without effort, or struggle free. Deep change rewards almost instantly in life, however. But are you curious enough ? So let`s get connected to the Source, again. And you can use your illusion, though…

Illusion, maya, matrix ? Source : Web.

Knowledge is the way, leading out of suffering ( which is mostly self-created ). Awareness is also the key… to long lasting change and transformation. Feeling stuck in your reality nowadays ? My Jyotisha consultations, tarot readings and Reiki healing might really help to light up your path.

Do you agree with me that life is like a Rubik’s Cube, isn`t it ? For most people, it fells off their hands quickly…Many of them are only able to complete one or few walls.

And only very few fortunate can solve it in a seconds ! So how about you ? Our travel to self discovery might be a fantastic journey, but without shortcuts…Are you ready to go deeper into these fascinating subjects ? Om namaha Narayana.

I am really curious and let me ask you few questions, if you don`t mind ? Because our adventure starts right here :

What`s GREAT about your life this week ? And which resources do you need…to gain access to new dimension of hapiness and prosperity in Life ?

That valuable information, which is available from inside ( Your internal silence…) and outside sources : my services ? Through some basic esoteric counselling we can find answers to your questions, become more positive, happy and share this joy with others, uncover and rewrite your life script, work with limiting self beliefs…

Found on Web.

My opinion is that all this useful,modern self-enhacement tools from the personal growth field should be use with raising awareness of this spiritual level, to find out about our connection with Conscious Universe and it`s Controller. Heart-centered entrepreneurship plus spiritual counselling equals enlightened success ? …Ommm

Jyotisha, knowledge of Light, serves the path to answer many questions in the life of Human beings here, on Earth ( Why my life goes this direction ? Am I in charge ? Why I am on this planet, is there any goal of life beyond work, sleeping,family, consuption ? Am I one of the persons who are starting to wake up from this matrix reality which was purposefuly created here ? ) and obtain the four goals of life , then rise about that, to self realisation in spirituality and liberation from samsara, back to the Light of Creator.


I do live in Southern France, in town where deck of  magical Tarot was, most likely, born and developped…Known as a model of Universe, these cards address the subconsciousness through keys of various symbols . This Tarot is living esoteric tradition, and every card got at least three levels of meaning. Tarot makers has their workshops here, on a small streets of Old  Town . These cards are amazing self development tool giving access to “databank” of Universal Information Field, Akasha – you name it. But sounds like they are just the messengers of the Higher law, wisdom and order. And they allow the reading from the cosmic energy grid.

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