So you also desire to know yourself better…isn`t this the most noble thing in life ?

Searching for the knowledge about ourselves and Creator of this amazing Universe : self-realisation . Using powerful tools like : Jyotisha ( Vedic ) astrology based chart, Tarot de Marseille readings and coaching, psychotronic and Reiki healing, belief change, shamanic work, distant healing as well.

Few people are really interested in breaking free from karmic patterns and finding Enlightenment…yet . Most of us want only temporary relief, because changing something on a deep level is never without effort, or struggle free. Deep change rewards almost instantly in life, however. But are you curious enough ? So let`s get connected to the Source, again. And you can use your illusion, though…

Illusion, maya, matrix ? Source : Web.

Knowledge is the way, leading out of suffering ( which is mostly self-created ). Awareness is also the key… to long lasting change and transformation. Feeling stuck in your reality nowadays ? My Jyotisha consultations, tarot readings and Reiki healing might really help to light up your path.

Do you agree with me that life is like a Rubik’s Cube, isn`t it ? For most people, it fells off their hands quickly…Many of them are only able to complete one or few walls.

And only very few fortunate can solve it in a seconds ! So how about you ? Our travel to self discovery might be a fantastic journey, but without shortcuts…Are you ready to go deeper into these fascinating subjects ? Om namaha Narayana.

I am really curious and let me ask you few questions, if you don`t mind ? Because our adventure starts right here :

What`s GREAT about your life this week ? And which resources do you need…to gain access to new dimension of hapiness and prosperity in Life ?

That valuable information, which is available from inside ( Your internal silence…) and outside sources : my services ? Through some basic esoteric counselling we can find answers to your questions, become more positive, happy and share this joy with others, uncover and rewrite your life script, work with limiting self beliefs…

Found on Web.

My opinion is that all this useful,modern self-enhacement tools from the personal growth field should be use with raising awareness of this spiritual level, to find out about our connection with Conscious Universe and it`s Controller. Heart-centered entrepreneurship plus spiritual counselling equals enlightened success ? …Ommm

Jyotisha, knowledge of Light, serves the path to answer many questions in the life of Human beings here, on Earth ( Why my life goes this direction ? Am I in charge ? Why I am on this planet, is there any goal of life beyond work, sleeping,family, consuption ? Am I one of the persons who are starting to wake up from this matrix reality which was purposefuly created here ? ) and obtain the four goals of life , then rise about that, to self realisation in spirituality and liberation from samsara, back to the Light of Creator.


I do live in Southern France, in town where deck of  magical Tarot was, most likely, born and developped…Known as a model of Universe, these cards address the subconsciousness through keys of various symbols . This Tarot is living esoteric tradition, and every card got at least three levels of meaning. Tarot makers has their workshops here, on a small streets of Old  Town . These cards are amazing self development tool giving access to “databank” of Universal Information Field, Akasha – you name it. But sounds like they are just the messengers of the Higher law, wisdom and order. And they allow the reading from the cosmic energy grid.

And i do offer Tarot of marseilles readings as well, with this deck based coaching, via e-mail and Skype.  So get in touch immediately if you desire to know more… why wait ?!?

You can contact me right now through mail, phone or Skype,  Mon-Fri. Payments via bank transfer, or Paypal. Also we can meet in person, in France or in Spain.


Just in case you ever gonna learn French…from Site about wellbeing and positive news.

Author: Rayeste

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