Nostradamus wasn’t a prophet, a seer, neither doctor ? Debunking fake prophecies…

Get ready to doubt everything you think is real about this French apothecary…. Even most of “well known” facts from His life were not true, surprised you are ? And of course for most of His dumb fans this will be unnaceptable, unjust, a lie : but the great majority of  people accept the half truths or fake news without a second thought anyway, isn’t it ?

Went to Nostradamus museum here in France, two years ago. Salon de Provence.

Prophet of Provence debunked…

Nostradamus, contrary to many claims, never predicted Napoleon , First , Second nor Hitler, 9/11, Third World war…and His questionable Centuries were used to plant fear into the general population, were a tool for manipulation of the masses. And if you believed in His conceptions, or called them “infallible prophecies”, this was for one reason only : because you were programmed to do so…And you never dare to doubt.

Late Peter Lemesurier, british linguist and writer, was a believer in Michel de Nostradame teachings for quite some time. Then he changed his mind… And if you start to read His briliant book ” Nostradamus The man the myth the truth”  you will understand how this snowball of “amazing” prophecies was build, distributed and copied thoughtlessly for few centuries.  And mostly by writers and “researchers”, who never read the original text in Old French. Who didn’t care, didn’t know much either… blind followers who just speculate like the ones before them, and published hundreds of books, repeating unverifiable ( But shocking, of course ) fiction and nonsense speculations about our future  which should “prove” that Nostradamus was sooo right.

Lemesuries mercilessly, scientifically, step by step debunks Nostradamus ” findings”, “accurate prophecies” and the whole hoax , using knowledge and logic …and thank to His research, we’re not gonna be fooled anymore ! His YT channel seems to, sadly,  disappear…but still there is this  message from Mr Sandy Andrew :


But how on Earth was  it possible ? Only few people dared to question the “authority” of Nostradamus so far…

To understand  the scale of deception, invented and false prophecies plus the foolishness of “Nostradamus industry”, we must go back to His times in medieval France…


Selling prophecies was common : but Michel de Nostredame was not respected by other astrologers or clairvoyants much – rather He was widely criticized – for lack of skills, speculations, for example by French doctor and astrologer Laurence Vidal.  Nostradamus also used to…copy informations from horoscopes done by others. Rather shamelesly. And He doesn’t even call Himself astrologer, but rather astrophile.

Of course some were trying to promote Him as well, pumping a bubble of His “infallible prophecies”, like personal assistant Chavigny or Michel’s son. But we cannot say that He was a charlatan either : He felt He’s got some mission for humanity and knew one thing for sure : history use to repeat itself, again and again…

Michel de Nostredame use old technique, called bibliomancy ! Randomly picking up a verse from Bible and…gave an explanation, a “visionary” meaning to it…this was quite popular during these times, practised widely not only upon Bible.

But what was real value of such “guessing” ?

And still, one can see nowadays so many videos claiming that “this what is happening now ” is exactly what was prophesied by a famous “sage”. Let us avoid this massive ‘fear porn’ ! For some reason, in our times ( Called Kali Yuga in holy vedic scriptures ) majority of population seeks mostly sensations, negative news, drama, suffering and chaos in mass media. Can you find some positive messages in all this cesspit of pop culture ? Hard, really it is, but not impossible…



Author: Rayeste

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One thought on “Nostradamus wasn’t a prophet, a seer, neither doctor ? Debunking fake prophecies…”

  1. GREAT that somebody finally saw this long lasting nonsense of mindless nostradamus industry, and starts debunking it, such a crazy myth !
    Of course he neither predicted world wars, neither 9/11 nor JFK case, never…
    But sheeples love this fear propaganda, and will spread it, sadly.

    So true that Mr Peter Lemesurier book is really brilliant, right ! Eye opener how we were fooled into believing in while bunch of speculations through these “prophecies”.

    Greetings and keep up the good work that He, Lemesurier, started.


    Liked by 1 person

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